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Rotary Club of Glen Waverley

What we do


Our president, 2017 - 2018, Louis Jahshan bids a hearty welcome to the Rotary Club of Glen Waverley

Louis' challenges for his year as president are to find new high quality members for the club and to boost fund raising to support our many causes.

Whether you want to find out about what Rotary does, would be interesting in community service through Rotary or are a potential visiting Rotarian we hope you will find the site interesting.

We are a large and thriving club but always keen to hear from community-minded professionals who want to make a difference.


Louis 01

RCGW is proud to announce our speaker for Monday 26 February

          Dr Susan Alberti.

Rotary members and non-members are very welcome to attend.

Susan Alberti V02

RCGW has a strong track record towards helping youth. Thus we strongly support such Initiatives as ‘Rotary Youth Leadership Awards’, ‘Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment’ and ‘Model United Nations Assembly’.

We are active in sponsoring international youth exchanges for the purpose of personal development and cultural understanding.


RCGW is to offer an award of 'Community Police Officer of the Year'. This is in partnership with the local police superintendent.

The award offers a substantial prize to that police member whose contribution is held to be an outstanding within community policing in the local area.

Victoria Police has a strong commitment to its members taking part in the local community. RCGW is a strong supporter of the local police. The new award represents a an attractive collaboration for both sides.

In the photograph, Sue Mills, Chair of RCGW Community Services Committee meets with local police officers to launch the scheme.


  Sue Mills Police 02

RCGW has a strong social program, which involves excursions out, restaurant functions and visits to the theatre.

RCGW like any Rotary club is an organisation for people with community service in their DNA. We also love having fun!