Gardening Australia's John Arnott at RCGW Garden Ramble

The RCGW Garden Ramble was a huge success. Pride of place went to John Arnott. All keen gardeners will know that John's CV includes:-
  • Gold Medal Winner at the Chelsea Flower Show in London,
  • Manager of Horticulture at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Cranbourne,
  • 'Gardening Australia' celebrity

John generously gave his time to attend the garden ramble and to answer the hundreds of questions, which visitors had to put to him.




For gardening fans it was beyond brilliant. There was a pruning demonstration and the ability to ask all those detailed questions about pruning one variety or another.There was a composting demonstration and the chance to ask all those questions about what to put into good compost - and what to leave out.




Lastly there were flowers on sale. These were readily donated by local retailers and garden centres, who were happy to support a good cause.

In this case the cause was the Rotary Anzac Commemmoration, to whom all proceeds were given. As is normal in Rotary fund raisers, all funds are passed to the recipient.