Worldwide Family of Rotary

Rotary began in 1904 with Paul Harris and 3 friends in Chicago. A century later there are 30,000 Rotary Clubs across the world and 1 million members. 

Rotary is in virtually every country in the world. The latest country to join  is Myanmar, with the recent charter of the Rotary Club of Yangon.

Right: Melbourne - Lord Mayor Robert Doyle speaks in Federation Square at the worldwide celebration of 'End Polio Now'.



If a Melburnian Rotarian finds him or herself in Berlin, Botswana or Birmingham, there is an immediate welcome.

This year RCGW has welcomed Rotarians from the UK, New South Wales and Queensland.

Right: flier for the Rotary International Convention in Birmingham.



Very often Rotary Clubs act in international partnerships. In recent years RCGW has undertaken projects with Rotary Clubs in Fiji, Cambodia and Bali.

In the case of Fiji, Rotary clubs in New Zealand as well as others in Australia supported these ventures with vital funding.

Right: the banner of the Rotary Club of Bali Kuta.


With the exception of war zones and places where safety cannot be guaranteed, Rotary International brings aid, help and friendship wherever it might be needed.

Right: logo of the Rotary Club of Postsdamer Platz, Berlin. Two decades ago it was behind the iron curtain.


Wherever humanity needs a helping hand there is a Rotary Club. Can Rotary solve all the problems of the world? Absolutely it cannot - but it will have a darned good try to do what it can!