Tubas for Glen Waverley Secondary College

Tubas for Glen Waverley Secondary College
Our club has completed a Rotary District Grant to buy 2 tubas for Glen Waverley Secondary College.
Tubas are expensive instruments, which parents are not prepared to buy for their children.
We therefore obtained a Grant to buy 2 tubas, at a cost of $2,200 each, with our club and the Rotary District each funding 50%.
Year 7 students at Glen Waverley Secondary College are too small to handle full sized tubas, so the tubas are 3/4 size, and are partly made from brass and partly from hard plastic to reduce the weight. The students rent these tubas from the school. In subsequent years they graduate to full sized tubas, and the smaller tubas are then rented to new students.
The photos show
Ted Keene, 2 students, Angela Forthun, GWSC Acting Principal Chris Knight

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