Police Training - Detective Senior Constable Steven Hemingway

Police Training - Detective Senior Constable Steven Hemingway
Detective Senior Constable Steven Hemingway, who was accompanied by his Senior Sergeant Gary Arends to advise the Club of Police training. 
Stephen began by saying that he is of the Criminal Investigation Unit and has been involved in many years with the training of police recruits. He said that there is more of a move to involve the public in the training saying they are seeking those interested to take a volunteer role. In this way it is a more practical approach where the public participates rather than use members of the police force.
The volunteer role players are given a script to follow with observers prompting them, and where the recruit is observed where they have to apply the law correctly, in various scenarios adopted. This also assists in the recruit becoming more assertive.
Volunteers may take the role as a suspect, a witness, a victim or a complainant. Volunteers are unpaid, must be available, be contactable and be punctual when called upon. Steve then showed an example video taken within the Mulgrave Police Station (a prop scene within the Monash Police Academy) where a lady reported a car break in.
Steven then said that the with the training offered, and the facilities provided, that the Police Academy was
world class. He then went on to say volunteer role players have to apply stating availability and would have to undergo a police check before they were accepted. Senior Sergeant Gary said that numerous people were on their books as volunteers, and that emails are sent to all prospectives who have indicated availability on the required days. Application information has been sent to all members. 
At the conclusion of the talk, Sue Mills presented Steve with a RCGW banner depicting the Police Academy in the background.

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