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Youth Exchange in Triplicate

Some 20 years ago, Rotarians in Glen Waverley were delighted to host Tammy, a Youth Exchange girl from the United States. Now she a is a mature woman with two rapscallions.

She came to Melbourne, lived as an Australian girl for a year and returned to her native country.

The story has three aspects:

  • her year in Australia broadened her horizons, education and understanding of a different culture;
  • the friendships that she made are still very much alive and the families who hosted her still remember her with great fondness;
  • we would also guess that those wider horizons will pass on to help her in the incredibly difficult task of parenthood.

Incidentally, Tammy, if you read this, there are a lot of people volunteering to pick you up at the airport if you come back to visit us!

Just a few short months ago we bid farewell to Niklas from Germany. The Akubra Hat and Hawthorn scarf show the Australian influence.

Like Tammy, his year in a foreign country will be a lifelong influence in his developing life. We hope he will remember it fondly as we remember him fondly.

Just a few short weeks ago, Ji-Woo came to the Rotary Club of Glen Waverley to be introduced to the members. The club are to sponsor her in a year in South Korea.

As with Tammy and Niklas, we hope this will be a fabulously enjoyable year for her, and one which will be of endless use to her in whatever career she chooses.

And so it is 'farewell' to Ji-Woo and we look forward to hearing your astonishing story when you return to Glen Waverley

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