Books for Babies

The Rotary Club of Glen Waverley has been involved in a literacy project during the dedicated Literacy Month set out by Rotary International for 14 years.

The project is called Books For Babies and a book titled Ten Little Fingers Ten Little Toes written by Mem Fox is given to the mothers of newly born at the Waverley Private Hospital. Mem Fox to her great credit, has arranged with the publisher to have these books being purchased by Rotary, to have a rather hefty discount to the RRP.

Over the years hundreds of books have been distributed to grateful mothers, visiting fathers and grandparents and sometimes younger siblings who are also at the Hospital visiting.

A parent recently sent in an email saying how much she appreciated the gift and gave us a couple of photographs which she has given permission to use. Her note said “Ellie absolutely loves it and reading it forms part of our nighttime routine.  One day I look forward to her reading it to us (which is incredible to think!).”

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