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Cambodia Student Sponsorship - 2023

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Good morning Members of the Rotary Club of Glen Waverley, Judy, Graeme, and Robert from Cambodia,🙏☺

How have you been doing?

I am doing wonderful and staying safe. I am here, and would like to share with you some activities that I have done in August. Those were really wonderful and impactful on my journey. Therefore, I am going to share with you those incredible activities including my studies, my community work, and other activities that I have finished. I hope you all enjoy reading my sharing.

First of all, I would like to tell you about my studies. This month, I start the new term with three courses which are Cost Accounting Principles, Introduction to Computer, and last one is Introduction to Economics. These courses would take only four days a week and three hours each course, totally I have to study for three months in one term. I have two favorites: Cost Accounting and Introduction to Economics. Because these are related to my work field and future job. I also studied social science when I was in high school, otherwise, it wouldn’t have made me so complicated. Actually, I used to not understand economic systems and theory, but right now I kind of understand a little bit more about economics. Especially, the way to analyze ways in order to produce good products and services in one country and trade. For the Computer course, I meant I don’t hate it but I am not really good at computer skills. Anyway, this course is also important for me and I commit to do my best in this term.

Moreover, I joined a Business Class with a Teacher who used to teach English at my university, and right now he has a successful business.  He came to Business Class to share his experiences and his topics were related to the Mind (Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind), Brain Work, four ways to develop your leadership skills, and Four stages of Learning. I did love and enjoy learning all four topics, and I kind of love the four ways to develop your leadership skills more because it was a bit new from my understanding. Such as Number one, High Commitment, it’s here refers to having high commitment but low competence means the first time. For example: as the leader, I have worked directly with my team to train them. Number two is Low Commitment, it refers to having some competence but low commitment. To reflect on a leader, my team members have some knowledge and skills but they lose motivation or commitment, so I have to coach them. Number three is Various Commitment which refers to moderate competence. As an example, I have to support my team when they need support and when they face a problem. Key number four is High Commitment and high competence. Through this condition my team has the ability to work fluently, so I can delegate tasks to them and guide them in order to achieve more together. In sum, I take away a lot of keywords, main ideas, and tips to learn and use effective ways to develop my ability. And I understand more about how to use my brain effectively and helpful.

Thirdly I organized and hosted some Rotaract Siem Reap members to make blood donations. We donated our blood to a public hospital for children in Cambodia in SR. This really made me proud even though I didn’t make a donation because my health was not ready for donation. I really appreciated this opportunity and my club members who made the blood donation. I saw so many children waiting for help and support from the doctors and community support. So many children were from poor families and they needed new blood to exchange and service. I was so glad that my team could help and save other children's lives in just thirty minutes and one pack of blood. This was one of the new activities that could change our society and create hope for them. Even though it was my new experience and I was afraid of seeing blood it was not a big deal at all to me. I always stood up for my team and supported them as much as I could. All the feelings of fear ran away when we saw the children smile and hug their parents. After we finished our donation, the doctors said that they thanked and appreciated us as young adults but had a big hurt to help the community.  And we would keep a connection whenever we wanted to do it again with other community programs.

In conclusion, these three activities really taught me and encouraged me to continue to do good for my society and also improve my ability. To show my capability of doing what I can do the best for myself and the people surrounding me. I enjoy and am happy with what I have done. Now, I am thinking about what I can do next and how to do it for my next step and journey. Lastly, thank you so much for your valuable time reading my email and listening to my sharing. I hope you stay safe and healthy. I would love to hear back from either.

Best Regards,

Lita Seng (She)


Rotaract Club of Siem Reap

+855 015 228 176

18 Wat Polanka Road, Siem Reap, Cambodia

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